I am reading this great photography book, Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.  My plan is to read each chapter, then practice it as if I were given a lesson in school. I am going to do my best to practice what I read before my class begins in October. What I don’t get to before my class starts, I can play around with after.  Before I read any book, especially one with pictures, I tend to flip through it from front to back.  I like to get a feel for the book.

As I was flipping through the book, an interesting picture caught my eye.  I had to try this kind of shot!  He mixed oil and water together in a glass container. Then he raised it above a shirt of his that was very colorful and took a picture with his macro lens.  I currently do not have a macro lens, although I am saving for one!  So, I put my magnifying filters on my lens for this shot. I used some left-over fabric from a quilt I made. I was very pleased with the results of the photo.

Oil and Water