It has been a while since I was last able to post a photo. I was called into jury duty not long ago and ended up on a case that lasted 10 business day. During that time I was camera free, since they are not allowed in the court room.  In the evenings, I was so burnt out from listening to the trial that I left my camera on its self for the time being. My plan was to pick it up as soon as the trial was over.

I did just that. But, I did not have time to edit the photos; I was playing catch up at work.  Now that I am caught up (in theory) on my work, I have time in the evenings to work on my photos again.

We recently had a major heat wave in California.  The weekend prior to the high temperatures, we woke to a very foggy morning. That day turned out to be a hot one!  The morning showed signs of Fall in the air.  Fall decided to stay away a little while longer, letting us enjoy one more week of sun. Not all of us enjoyed it; it was a hot one.  The fall weather has returned.  The gloomy days we recently had, made for good timing for this photo.

Foggy Morning Tree