Colorful comes to mind when I think about today’s photograph. It was taken in Claremont Village during lunch with my boss/mentor/friend. We decided to conduct our whiteboard session over lunch on a yellow pad of paper. We are very productive during these sessions, planning the immediate needs in our projects that need to be taken care of. Today we decided to tackle our work over lunch, which was a good idea in theory, but in reality it was easy to get distracted. We enjoyed catching up while eating. We got down to work eventually, though.

We started by walking to the Claremont Juice Company. I brought my camera with me anticipating the need to stop and take a shot on our way or return to the office. Nothing struck me as particularly interesting while we were walking. That’s not to say there isn’t interestingness (I realize that’s not a word) in the village. I got caught up in our conversation for me to take note of something special to photograph.

Upon walking into the Claremont Juice Company you are welcomed by wonderful aromas and colorful displays. The food menu was the most interesting wooden board with sandwich graphics displayed next to trendy font detailing the toppings. The juice menu was even more colorful with pictures of all the fruit goodness in the smoothies. I thought about getting a shot of one of those, but didn’t want to scare the employees. I figured I would pay more attention on our walk back to the office.

It didn’t take long to find my shot. When we opened the doors to exit both of us noticed the mosaic tiles on either side of the building immediately. That was the shot!! I am very pleased with the way it came out.

Mosaic Tile