Normally, when I walk up the stairs from the garage to our unit I am carrying the following: my son in my arms, my gym bag around my shoulders, my purse, a canvas bag with my kids dirty school clothes (if there are any) along with their lunch bags, AND my keys somewhere on my body in an easily accessible place. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? No wonder my back hurts. Believe me when I tell you, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. It used to be worse.

I used to carry my breast pump, my daughter in one arm and my son in his infant carrier on the other arm along with all the other items previously mentioned a year ago. Now that was hard! My daughter is a year older and more energized when we get home so she likes to walk on her own. My son is a little over a year and tired after a full day at school. Although he walks, he likes to be carried upstairs when he is tired. Lately, that has been changing. He is getting bigger each day and feeling more energy at the end of the day. More often than not, they want to talk together.

Sometimes, they walk hand in hand. Other times one is walking holding my hand while the other is exploring/taking their time getting to our front door. Today, they were chasing each other down the hall. My daughter would run ahead of her brother and call for him to catch her. He was doing it with laughter in his voice until a water faucet caught his attention. It is directly below our neighbors window. In this photo I was able to capture him checking it out without his sister knowing he had stopped; she was running full steam ahead!

Catch Me If You Can