I have a few people anxiously awaiting the arrival of the photo for day nice. They are a lovely group of people I work with. I’m not just saying that, knowing some of them will eventually read the story behind this photo. I truly mean that. I work with some of the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Today, I was honored with their presence at lunch. Lunch, didn’t start that way. Let me back up to the beginning.

We had an advancement committee meeting today with part of our board. Afterward, my boss and I walked back to our offices. Literally two minutes after we get back, we decide to walk to a cafe on campus for lunch. This cafe is next door to where we were just minutes before! That was great planning on our part. It worked out perfectly though. It was colder than I expected today. The walk to my office gave me the chance to grab my sweater.

When we get to the cafe, we are the first ones the arrive. That’s it; just us! It couldn’t have been better. You see, my boss hasn’t been feeling well all week. All she needed was some good soup and quiet company before we headed back to work. Sometimes all that starts well, doesn’t end well.

About five minutes after we arrive, a co-worker shows up. Me being the social one, asked her to join us. She was followed by two more co-workers. Before you know it, two more walked in and joined us! During this time the cafe is starting to fill up with other guests.

After we settled down, we ordered our food. The waitress started at the other end of the table that my boss and I were sitting at. The second person to order informs her that he has a meeting at 1 p.m. and needs to eat quickly. Off she runs to the kitchen to place his order before returning to take the rest of ours. By the time she finishes with our orders, his food is arriving at the table. Remember how we were the first ones to arrive? Well we don’t have food in front of us yet.

A few minutes later, the table next to us is beings served. Still no food in front of us. Then another table gets served. What’s going on?! Food finally starts to arrive at our table. But it didn’t land in front of us. Our co-workers were served first. Could this get any worse? My boss isn’t feeling well. She didn’t want to be social. Now we are sitting with a big group of people watching them eat; stomachs growling aggressively.

A few minutes later, pure bliss. Our food has arrived! It was well worth the wait. It was a good thing it was my turn to treat. It helped make the experience a little better.

Below is the great group of people I shared company with today. I played with the photo to make it look “old”. I love the way the guy at the table next to us is looking my way. He was probably trying to figure out what I was doing with my camera in the cafe.

Lunch With Friends