I’ve reached the double digit mark! Today’s adventure with my camera took place at the pumpkin patch. We took the kids to play, explore and pick out a pumpkin for Halloween. They are going to carve it with the Dorny girls, their friends downstairs. They had so much fun today. There were pumpkins everywhere in every shape and size. My son was fun to watch. He would pick up a small one and stack it on a big one. Then he would go back to the small pile and start over. There was hay to throw into red wagons, a bouncer (which my kids love) and animals to play with.

My daughter went on her first horse ride today. She rode the horse two laps around the hay bails. She was laughing and clapping the entire time. I loved seeing the smile on her face. As you can imagine, I was able to take many great photos today. It was hard choosing just one. I decided to go with a macro shot of a pumpkin with some hay blowing in the background. l love the fall feel of this photo.