Scarves! They are some of my favorite things. When it gets cold out, I love wrapping them around my neck to keep warm. When I find unique scarves, I snatch them up. Buying scarves on vacation has become a tradition for me. I have some really cool scarves from different parts of this world. My two favorite ones come from London and Paris. My sister in law bought me a gorgeous one from India one year and another friend brought one home to me from Africa. I guess word has gotten out about my love of scarves.

Today was the annual all girl shopping day for the women in my family. The first store housed about 50 different scarves in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and more! I was in scarf heaven. The hardest part was choosing the one I wanted most. Since I have a love affair with scarves, it seemed fitting they were the subject for today’s photo.

Its quite funny actually. I got out my camera. I took my shot. Then the store clerk walked over to tell me no pictures of merchandise are allowed. I apologized and murmured something about it being for an art class assignment. I even told her I would delete it. Thankfully I took one before she noticed so she was satisfied with me deleting the photo she saw me take. Phew, that was a close call.

Scarves Galore