Rainy days are here again! At least for this week. We can fluctuate being warm and cold very easily in Southern California this time of year. Its not like other parts of the world; once it gets cold there it stays that way until spring and summer arrive. What do rainy days mean for me?

I enjoy soup on a cold rainy day. Something about the warmth of the soup makes the day not so dreary. I enjoy being home with the fire burning, my slippers on my feet and comfortable clothes on my body while reading a book. I enjoy hot chocolate on a rainy day. I enjoy the smell of the dryer vent when its cold outside. When the dryer is done, I enjoy the warmth of the clothes. I love to put them in a pile and lay in them. My kids love to do this with me.

While we have a few rainy days ahead of us, I thought it would be fun to get a shot of my day during the rain. Today’s shot is my car windshield when I left work. It was holding on the drops of water that did not have a chance to dry due to the cold weather. It had stopped raining when I left work. There the drops say until I got into my car and turned on my windshield wipers. I love the reflection of the drops of water on the glass.

Rain on a Windshield