Another rainy day here. Normally I am not a big fan of the colder weather. I could live with warm weather year round. But this year, I am seeing the changes in weather in a different way; from behind my camera. I am going to try to take as many “wet” photos as I can during the rainy days. It will be interesting in the end, to see how many rainy days we have in a 365 day time span. I am sure its not going to be as many as some areas. We don’t tend to get much rain here.

I really enjoy the macro shots of objects with rain drops on them. For this one, I deviated from my normal routine of going to the gym during my lunch hour. I decided to go on a walk instead. I took my camera with me, since there was a break in the rain, along with my macro filters. Off I set to find the perfect shot. Of course, I took more than one. But this one, is the one I fell in love with. I especially like how I captured my reflection in the top of one of the berries. That’s a pretty neat thing!

Rainy Day Berries