Today was the wettest day of the week so far. Each time I left my office to walk to another office for a meeting, lunch, or the great shakeout drill, it was wet as can be. It was non stop rain today. I was actually worried I wouldn’t be able to get a shot in. Actually, a friend from work, whom I had lunch with offered to help me. She was willing to stand with me, holding an umbrella so that I could get my shot in. But, we couldn’t really settle on anything on the walk back from the restaurant. It was just too dreary at the time.

As I was leaving for the day, the rain let up. I ran to the front of the house I work in and snapped a few shots of the soaked flowers. I ended up with some pretty neat macros of the water drops. It’s been fun shooting the rainy subjects. According to the weather lady, my pictures will be dry for a while. We are gearing up for party cloudy or sunny skies for the next 10 days. You never know, that could change!

But for now, here is my rainy day leaf.

Rain Covered Leaf