Tonight, we enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Well, it was almost quiet. Dinner was noisy, which is the way I enjoy it. My kids laugh at each other over the silliest things. It brings back such memories about me and my sister growing up together. After dinner is a little less noisy, but still full of fun sounds. My kids love to chase each other around the house until they lose all their energy. Tonight my son tired out first and headed to bed.

That was when the real quiet time started. My daughter loves to snuggle when she settles down at the end of the day. Her preferred snuggle buddy is her Daddy. She really enjoys laying on his lap with her Bingo (stuff Monkey) and blanket while he reads the paper. Every once in a while she will ask him to read it to her; he does with enthusiasm! She thoroughly enjoys it.

I chose this moment to capture for my project. I really wanted it to be in my yearbook so that I could remember fondly the quality time they spend together.

Quiet Time with Daddy