Date night. My sister in law flew in from New York to visit the family for the weekend. Before her arrival she called to ask if she could spend some extra time alone with the kids. She offered to babysit so that we could enjoy an evening out. Um, my answer is – yes!

We took the opportunity to visit a local restaurant that was a favorite of ours before we had children. It still is a favorite, but we hardly get the opportunity to go there. It isn’t the type of place you would take children. The menu had changed since we last been there, which was not a bad thing. The food was just as delicious as it always had been.

It just so happened tonight was also an art walk event in the downtown area of our neighborhood. The restaurant was on the border of this art walk. We decided to take a detour back to our car to view the art in various shops. While walking through the art walk, we happened upon this great boutique, Jane and Joe Shoppe. It was such an inviting shoppe. We met some very nice people in there.

The owner was very pleasant to visit with, her birthday is just days after mine so we got along smashingly! We visited for a while with her part time staff member. She has twins and has a baby on the way in March. We got to talking about multiple babies, I shared with her about my mom being a triplet. We talked about the stages children go through and working with them on their desires to be independent and how hard that can be at times. What a neat lady! I am happy to have met both of them.

Of course, I bought something. I am a sucker for scarves as you learned in an earlier posting. I bought a gorgeous orange pasmina and a cream colored blouse for work. I will be going back to that shoppe often. After leaving the shoppe, we visited more of the art walk before picking up the kids. Tomorrow, we are taking the kids and my sister in law to the zoo. Our daughter cannot stop talking about it. She is ecstatic at the thought of showing her auntie all her favorite animals.

Tonight’s photo is a candle that sat on our table during dinner. My glass of wine was behind it. I love how the candle is reflected in my wine glass. On a side note, the people next to us seemed a little disturbed that I would take my camera out during dinner. I found that humorous.

Candle Reflected in Wine