Tonight the kids and I were done with dinner before their daddy got home. We finished a little earlier than normal and he was a little later than normal. He had to run some errands on his way home, delaying his arrival. My daughter did not take a nap at school today. I am surprised she survived the day with her spirits high. She did crash hard within minutes of driving away from the daycare.

I woke her to eat and then let her sit on the couch to relax. She was pretty tired. While she was resting, my son and I played in the hallway of my bedroom. The hall leads to the entry way of our home. He likes to run back and forth between the hall, living room and entry way. I was throwing one of his toy balls down the hallway enjoying the sound of his giggles as he ran after it to catch.

On his return from one trip to the living room for the ball (mommy threw it a little too hard), he stopped short. He heard a sound at the door. Daddy’s home! The look of excitement on his face was priceless. I happened to have my camera near by. I got a shot just as he stopped to listen to the sound of keys in the front door lock.

Daddy's Home