Tonight was pumpkin carving night in our house. My mom came over for dinner and to spend time with the kids. She actually surprised the kids by showing up at the daycare for pick-up duty. Normally, when I walk in the door to my daughters room she runs the other way or finds the nearest table to hide under. She loves being in her classroom with her friends and teachers. She is not a fan of me showing up because it signals the end of the day for her. Its hard not to take it personally at times. Tonight’s pick-up went differently than normal.

I opened the door; upon seeing me, my daughter started to hide. Two seconds later she sees her Grammy. She finishes wiping her hands dry and the sink and runs full speed toward Grammy yelling her name and giggling. Talk about a nice reception! She was met with a similar one in my sons room. The only difference being that I receive the same type of reception from him on a daily basis. He’d probably like for me to pick him up first. But, I save him for last as I love his reaction. It brings a smile to my face.

After dinner, when daddy arrived home, the pumpkin and carving tools came out. Daddy cut open the top of the pumpkin so the gutting could commence. We encouraged the kids to pull out the insides. We were met with “ewwww” from our daughter. Our son decided it was more fun to put the seeds back in once they were taken out. It was a fun night and now we have a pumpkin ready for Halloween.

Carving Pumpkins