In the mornings I have some what of a routine when it comes to getting myself ready, fed, the kids fed, the kids ready and then out the door to school and work. This morning was not a typical morning. My alarm either went off and I turned it off, or I set it wrong and it never went off. My money is on the former. I was really tired this morning. It had been a busy week.

Shortly after my shower, the kids were awake. The routine shifted. I put on my robe and fed them breakfast. Normally, I am ready before they wake up so that I can concentrate on them. The three of us ate breakfast together on the couch. It was so warm and cozy. I didn’t feel like sitting at the dining room table. Then, I got them dresses. Off I went to get myself dressed. While I was picking an outfit out of my closet, I could hear the kids laughing.

I peaked around the hallway, where my closest stand, to see what the kids were up to. They had climbed on top of my hope chest (a gift from the hubby), which sits under our window. They then lifted the curtains and put their heads underneath so they could look outside. They were standing with their backs to me, laughing at each other. I immeditaly took off.

I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen. It didn’t take long since our place is so small! I grabbed my camera and started firing off shots. It was such a precious moment to catch them playing together like that. How lucky to get a photo before they caught me behind them.