Today was a whiteboard session day for my boss and I. I love these sessions. Actually, I wasn’t sure if I was going to use this as my photo or not. My boss said something along the lines of it being too boring of a picture. I won’t risk a direct quote since her recall is better than mine and she would probably be able to tell me exactly, word for word, what she said. I am more of a “this is the jist of it” type of person. But I am getting off topic.

We like to brain storm together about our projects at work. I find them to be very fun and relaxing. I normally work on troubleshooting or other mundane data related projects during the day when I am not in meetings. So to be able to have a high level discussion is a good break from that for me. Plus, we get kind of goofy sometimes during them and can’t stop laughing at each other. That’s the best way to work in my opinion! That is why I chose this photo to represent this day. Its something I enjoy and a big part of me and who I am on a daily basis.

Whiteboard Session