Another picture and story that involves my boss and a co-worker. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that they show up in a lot of my pictures. I am, after all, with them more than my own family at times. Today’s pictures is the wall of a yogurt shop we visited. I love the curve of the wall where the yogurt machines are and the color the glass tiles.

Those are not the reasons this day is being documents. Although they are nice to look at, I wanted to remember this day because yogurt betting is becoming a common phenomenon between us. It is branching out to other co-workers as well. Today’s outing was just bad for me! I had won a yogurt bet about whether a certain data element could be found on the front end of a system we work with. Yah for me. Then she won a bet from someone else in our office about an entirely different matter. Yah for her, which was also a yah for me. You see, we could cut her out since she was now the middle man. The person she won against could now, theoretically, buy me a yogurt to cover her and his bet. Well, it would have worked out wonderfully, if I didn’t open my mouth about something else and lose a bet!

Now I am even with her and our co-worker still owes her a yogurt. So she is benefiting big time from this little game. Then today while we are eating lunch I bet yet again. I lose. Now I owe her a yogurt and so does he. He paid up today. I still have another outing to go on and yogurt to buy. I am thinking a trip to Vegas anytime soon would be a bad idea since I am on a losing streak.