The picture for today involves another night of making pizza with the kids. This time a very close friend of mine came to help with the toppings. My daughter was so excited for her visit, she was asking me for her when we walked in the front door. I had to explain to her that we had to wait for her to come over. While we waited, I got all the topics ready as well as the pizza dough. We made the pizza’s from scratch. After everything was ready, we turned on the oven to warm it up and waited for Amanda to come over.

While we were waiting I realized I had the oven on too high. Smoke started emitting from the oven from leftover burnt food. The smoke filled the kitchen and the fire alarm went off freaking out my 1 year old. I had to pick him up, run to get a paper to swoosh in front of the alarm and then turn on the oven vent. All was good after that.

When Amanda arrived, Evy got out her stool to prepare the pizza wither her. They put all the topics on together. In the oven they went for baking. I forgot that I left it on the higher temperature and we ended up cooking the bottom of the dough, really well. So well, in fact, that the alarm went off again when I opened the oven to take them out. The top portion that was cooked just right, turned out really well.

I really enjoy my visits with my friend. She plays with the kids. We talk over a glass of wine. We have some very serious heart to heart conversations. She is a blessing in my life and good for the soul. Those who know her are blessed and lucky for it.

For the picture I chose, I love how her hand and my daughters are tenderly working on the toppings together.

Cooking with Amanda