Today was my niece’s first birthday party. Her mom and dad went all out for the celebration. My dad flew into town for the party and stayed with us, as we saw in photo 030.365. The party was a princess pirate theme. The colors were white, pink and black. In the backyard was a huge pirate ship bouncy. It was a great day visiting with friends and family.

After the masses the left the party, the immediate family remained at the house to spend some quality time with our niece. We took over the bouncer as a group. The kids loved being flung around inside it. Then all the kids, except my son, went down for a nap. Ty wanted to play with all the toys and stayed awake as long as he could manage.

After the girls woke from their naps, we opened gifts. Ty missed out on that fun since he finally crashed. My daughter loved helping her cousin open her gifts and playing with her toys. She received some beautiful gifts. Once all the gift wrap was cleaned up, we settled down with the kids to have dinner, watch some football and enjoy the company we were with.

The picture I chose, is the cupcake birthday dessert my niece was given.

Happy Birthday!