After a few days off, hanging with the kids and their Papa’s, I was feeling quite exhausted today! After my husband took the Papa’s to the airport with the kids, I asked him if they could pay a visit to his parents house. They were thrilled at the idea of spending some time with their grandchildren. I was thrilled at the idea of some down time.

My husband and I took advantage of the alone time to hang out during the late morning and early afternoon. We went shopping for washer and dryers. Yes, I realize how un-sexy that sounds. But we really need new ones and its easier to do those things without the kids with us. When we were done, we went to lunch at a local favorite to catch a football game. We enjoyed watching the tail end of the local teams game. While we were enjoying lunch I told my husband he could choose the photo for today.

There were these really pretty light fixtures hanging above the bar. They were lined up, straight down the length of the bar. That was the imagery he chose for today’s photo.

Pretty in Light Fixtures