There isn’t a lot to write about today.  It was for the most part an ordinary day, just busier than normal.  A regular day finds my husband and I both home with the kids in the morning. On this particular morning, he had to leave very early in the morning so I was in charge of getting them ready and off to school. Its not as easy when you are by yourself and for some reason they don’t understand the concept of mommy needing to get to a meeting on time.

I’ve been wanting to get a picture of the house I drop them off at. The daycare is a set of 3-4 houses that have been turned into a daycare center. They are very neat older homes in the area the daycare is located. I love that they get to be in a home all day while we are at work.  I normally pick them up and its too dark to get a good photo. I took advantage of being the one to drop them off, snapping my camera away in between parents walking by.

Home Away From Home