Today was moving day for a friend of mine. We showed up bright and early for a weekend to help her move. Its amazing to see how women come together to help each other.  A couple of the husbands were kind enough to join the moving party and lift the heavier items.  It was fun to see some familiar faces. I had the pleasure of hanging out with a girl I went to high school with; our moving friend is also a high school buddy. It was great to catch up with our other friend and hear about her life, her sisters and parents.

We got a lot of work done at the new home. I can’t wait to see what it looks like once all the final touches are put on it. During the day, we stumbled across items in the backyard left by the previous residents. They were not staying so we moved them to the front curb to be picked up and thrown out. Today’s photo is a discarded couch from the day. Hey – one mans trash is another mans treasure!

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