Birthday parties are a lot of fun for my kids. They are shy at first, gradually warming to the other children.  Today was a birthday party for the son of a friend of mine. Two of my high school friends were there today. It was great seeing them with their children. The party was at a bowling alley, which was a first for my kids. They were very excited to roll the bowling balls down the alley.

The lanes had the bumpers up to prevent the children from getting gutter balls. The alley also had this really neat contraption to help kids roll the ball down the alley with some force. The ball is set on top of a metal stand that slopes down toward the lane. You then push the ball off the metal stand and down the slope. The downward motion then gives energy to the ball shooting it down the lane. My kids loved pushing the ball down this contraption. My daughter hit 5 pins during one of her turns. Speaking of turns, the kids did such a great job of taking turns not only with each other, but with the other kids at the alley.  I was very proud of them.

The photo I chose was my son patiently waiting for his turn as another kid rolled the ball down the alley.

Taking Turns