Fro-yo is the new name for our frozen yogurt adventures at work. They started with my boss and I. Now, we have wrangled one other colleague into them. He is a ton of fun to go on these outings with! Today was another yogurt outing at the end of our work day. During a meeting earlier in the day, I happened to win a bet against my boss. It doesn’t happen often so I tried my best not to gloat, but it sure made my day!

We were in a design/ticket review session with one of our groups. One of the items on our agenda was a report that needed to be re-written, pulling data from the new database. In preparation for the report writing, the data had to be imported into the database. I took the lead on this part of the project. I worked with one of the staff members in the other department to gather the data together. I then, imported it into the database.  After the import was completed, I updated our log to note the work was done and the report could be written.

Now that you have some background, let me get back to what happened in the meeting. My boss asked this same employee to gather the data. Her and I looked at each other, wondering why she was asking since it had already been completed. I, in a slightly cheeky but playful way, pointed out that we completed that task. When she didn’t believe me, I pointed out that not only did I complete it, I updated the ticket with that information.

That type of guarantee brings out her competitive side. IT WAS ON!  She didn’t even ask if I wanted to bet. The statement yogurt is on the line was thrown down. Then a handshake. It wasn’t one of those moments where you could contemplate the bet, which I often do. I need to judge my level of confidence before I bet against her. But today, it was on from the moment I spoke.

With a room full of people she pulled up the ticket. Half way down the ticket, was … my updated notes.  We burst out laughing.  The girl next to me, the one mentioned previously, said “does that mean we all get yogurt?”  I busted up laughing. So, the yogurt place just had to be today’s story and photo.

You Had me at Razzle Dazzle