Wednesday usually involve a walk during my lunch hour. I like to workout hard on Monday and Tuesday which means an easy workout is in store on Wednesday. I try to push myself hard on Thursday and then go moderate on Friday.  I usually walk the same route each Wednesday. Lately, I have been noticing in detail the nature and structures around me. I have mentally noted the ones I really want to include in this project.

Today’s walk took me buy this beautiful tree, which when in bloom is covered in maroon flowers.  When they die off, this perfect little shell is left that held the blooms. It is actually one of the prettiest things, in my opinion.  I just love the way it looks in this part of its life cycle.  At first glance, from afar, you see a baron tree common during the Fall and Winter.  When you walk up close you notice the fine details of these shells. They are quite intricate.  I decided to get a close up shot of one of them for today’s photo.

Beauty in the Shell