It’s time to catch up on photo posts. I woke up with a bad cold on Thanksgiving morning that I am still fighting. I find it harder to get rest with two little ones running around the house. Instead of posting in the evening, I have been going to bed when they do.

On Thursday, we spent the holiday with both sides of our families. In the morning, we spent time with the kids at home.  Our goal was to let them rest and hopefully nap earlier than normal so they could enjoy the rest of the day with their families. One kid went down for a nap in the morning, which was good.  We left the house a little after noon to visit with my husbands side of the family. There were about thirty of us there this year. There are more kids now, which was fun for my two. They enjoyed playing with the other kids.

The visit with my in-laws side of the family was a shorter one this year. They moved their party up to earlier in the day to accommodate for the older and younger family members. Unfortunately, it was now at the same time as my families gathering.  Off we went to my family around 2:30.  This year, the gathering was smaller. It was my mom, sister, brother-in-law, his mom and the kids. It was nice celebrating a less hectic day with everyone.

The picture I took was of the table when we finished setting it before dinner.

All Set