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The day after Thanksgiving my husband gets all of his friends together for a football pick-up game. They call it the Turkey Bowl.  This tradition has been happening for at least 15 years now.  A decade ago, they would play all out. I actually played one year with them.  This year, I noticed they were playing with less gusto. At one point, they asked the wives what time it was and groaned when it was only 11:40.  They were hoping it was closing to quitting time.  That made me laugh!

While they play, the wives and kids spend time together. My kids took off to the playground for some time on the swings and slide.  After they were done at the playground they made their way back to the field daddy was playing on. There they enjoyed a game of chase with a friend of ours daughter. She is in junior high and loves to spend time with my kids. She is really good with them.

After the game, we all go to lunch together and watch football. This year our team was playing during lunch.  I won’t name the team since we got creamed! It was embarrassing.

Today’s photo is my daughter on the swing.