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Today, our daughter birth family came over for a visit. It was a good weekend for us to spend some time with them to celebrate the holidays.  Traditionally, the weekend of Thanksgiving, my husband and I put up our Christmas tree on Sunday.  This year, we got the decorations out of storage a day early and asked our daughter’s birth family if they would like to be part of that tradition.  They were thrilled to experience decorating the tree with her.

My husband spend time with my daughter’s birth grandfather and aunt on the couch. There were some great football games on!  I worked with the kids and our daughter’s birth mother (Nina) and birth grandmother (Cha-Cha) to decorate the tree.  We have a very old, fake tree,. It is rapidly falling apart. This will be its last year up in our house. We will need to get a new one next year. Actually, I am hoping we are in a house next year with a real tree.  My decorations are also about 10 years old now, so I wasn’t too upset with Cha-Cha and Evy both dropped one.

We decorated the tree from the middle up so the kids won’t mess around with the decorations. After we were done, we ate lunch and played with the kids. Both kids opened early Christmas gifts from their extended family.  A couple of hours later, the kids started winding down and made their way to the couch with their blankets.  Since it was nap time, Evy’s birth family went home with plans to visit us again. We decided to make a trip to the zoo together next time.

Me and my Birthmother