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Today we decided to upgrade our cell phones since our plan was due for renewal and AT&T was having some good deals. We went a couple of days ago to the store to shop and learn about the deals. Once we decided what we wanted, regular phone versus smart phone…no data plan versus data plan…all that kind of stuff, we decided to go back to the store to get our new phones. We decided to go with a smart phone and a limited data plan. Always the frugal people, we are going to re-evaluate how much we really use it after the two year contract is up. If we felt it was worth our while we will renew, if not, we will go back to a regular phone.

While we were there the kids decided it would be fun to play with all the items within their reach. The one display that caught their attention was a display with ribbons hanging down almost to the floor. They used the ribbons to play a game of peek-a-boo. As badly as I felt for the clerks and the havoc they were wreaking, I had to whip out the camera to get a shot!