Over the weekend, our condo building hosted a holiday party.  I thought it was a great idea. It gave us a chance to visit with our neighbors and get to know each other better. Often we just say hi in passing in the halls, garage and elevator. Some of us visit more than others, but for the most part we just pass each other by during our daily routines.

One of my neighbors is also my hair dresser. When we were standing outside he commented that my color had faded too much since I was in last. He offered to have me come in and get it fixed free of charge. I wasn’t about to pass that up!  So tonight, after work I went in to have my color fixed. He darkened the brown to help avoid the quick fading and added black low lights.  While I was there, I took pictures of the salon. Its looks really nice with their decorations up.

While I was taking pictures, I had more than one person asking me what I was doing. They loved hearing about project365.

Salon Pampering