I found the subject for my photo today during my lunch time run. I was looking down at a hedge that I was running by and noticed a weed with a flower growing out of it. It was the only weed underneath this bush. The flower had dried up and only the bulb was left. The stem was bent forward as if it was looking for the warmth of the sun that could be found outside the shade of the underside of the hedge.  It was really very special.  Lucky for me it was found at the beginning of my run.

I thought about it during the rest of my run, knowing it was the image I wanted to capture today. When I finished, I ran to get my camera and headed back out. I was nice and sweaty from the run when I laid down to get this shot, so all the foliage on the ground stuck to me. It was well worth it!  And I must say I am glad that I didn’t “run” into anything while looking down during my run. That isn’t such a smart thing to do!

Hanging On