When my son was about 7 months old he started pulling himself up at tables. He started walking at 10 months of age. Around that time, he also started figuring out how to pull himself up into a standing position without the help of a table.  He did this by getting himself into the downward facing dog yoga position. Sometimes he would just hang out in that pose for a while. It cracked me up to see him doing it all the time.

Well, here we are eight months later and he still loves to put himself in that pose.  This morning while getting ready I walked into my bedroom hallway, finding him practicing his yoga.  I ran to get the camera and fired off a snap.  He got up at that point so I said “AGAIN” and he put himself in that pose again, laughing at me.  He stood up, and I said again and he went back into the pose. It was so funny.

The best part was when our dog came over to sniff his butt. My husband asked me how well a job I did with cleaning his poopy diaper. I told him that our dog was doing the sniff check and would let us know!

Little Man Yoga