Day sixty already; that went fast!  This morning we got up, got ready and drove to a local bakery for breakfast with my in-laws and our children. They spent the night with grandma and grandpa since we were home so late from the football game. We arrived a few minutes late and they weren’t there yet, which isn’t typical. I told myself not to panic, that I was sure everything was okay.  My husband called his mom and it turns out they thought we were meeting for lunch!  Phew, but now what?  They decided to join us right away for a mid morning breakfast/lunch.

After, we walked to a department store for some Christmas shopping. They wanted to get my husband his gift and I was in need of a new pair of boots for work. The heel from my other pair broke off and they weren’t worth repairing since they were so old. While we were there, I noticed they were having a really big sale on all their Christmas ornaments.

We used to decorate our tree with a theme.  I liked to make my tree look “fancy” so to speak.  But this year, we decided that after 8 years of the tree being what we wanted, it was time to make a change to a more family style tree.  We decided it would be fun to buy an ornament or two each year as a family. I am hoping we find some good ones on vacations. Those are the ones that are fun to look at and reminisce about as years go by.  Kind of like the Horton family day dreaming about past events as they decorated their tree each year, for all your Days fans.

Since there was a good sale happening we decided to start with a handful new ornaments so the tree wouldn’t look so bare.  Our daughter picked out a few herself. She has some good taste!  When we got home, I took the themed ornaments off the tree to put in storage and we decorated it again with our new finds. I can’t wait to see what we get in the years to come!

Welcome to the Family