I started the day knowing the photo I wanted to capture tonight. A really dear person to me was coming over for dinner with her son tonight and I wanted to get a picture of us with our kids.  I had it all planned out in my head. I would turn on the Christmas decoration lights to give us some nice soft lighting, I would set the camera and tripod up on a timer and I would get a really cool picture of us.  Now that I have set the stage, you are probably excited to see the photo!

The exact opposite of what I wanted to happened occurred.  I left my camera at work. I was then left with taking a picture from our small Canon PowerShot that we sometimes take with us when we don’t want to lug around the “nice” camera.  The battery was dying so my husband had to take as quick a shot as he could.  He took three in a row and we finally got one where most of us were looking.

After my friend left, I took the camera to process the photo and post it. At that time I noticed one of my kids had touched the lens with their hands and left a sticky residue. The photo had an interesting “glow” to it from this residue. The photo is unique to say the least.

The memories are what will last a lifetime. I adore my friend and her son. They are a blessing in my life and I am happy to have them be part of today’s photo.

Good Times with Friends