I was pretty tired yesterday after the kids went to bed and decided to delay posting until the next day.  It has been a very busy work both professionally and personally.  On Thursday I sat in on a retreat regarding the use of social media tools to even further develop our use social networking for the constituents we have relationships with at the university. It was a really neat retreat to be a part of, but it was also a very long day.

Afterward, my boss and I headed out for our monthly dinner together, which is always a lot of fun!  Then when I got home, a friend of mine came over to visit with us and the kids. She also brought them their Christmas presents, which they were thrilled to open. When I got home from dinner, I went straight from the garage to the front of the building to get her.  I got this shot solely due to the fact that I made it outside before she arrived. Had she been there, I would have scrambled to find something else to take a photo of.

While I was waiting, I set my camera on a ledge and took pictures of the cars as they drove by. It was a lot of fun and I am happy with how this turned out.

Nighttime Lights