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Saturday was a day for the kids.  It started with a pancake breakfast at their daycare with the other families. We had a lot of fun getting to know the other parents and watching out children play with their friends. After we left the breakfast, we drove to my husbands office to get his laptop for some work that needed to be done. Since the kids have some toys in his office for those days they end up needing to go with him when they are sick, we stayed there while he worked.

After he was done we took the kids to lunch.  They were getting tired at this point so we headed home. While our son was napping our daughter watched one of her favorite movies.  During that time, we took her crib apart and converted it to a toddler bed.  We felt she was ready to move into the next stage bed. Although she is short and not able to climb out, she seemed ready for the next stage. We asked her to come into the room when we were done so we could show her what we did. She said, “ooohhhh” and immediately climbed onto her bed and lied down with her toys.

In the later afternoon we went to a birthday party. A friend of ours son turned two. It was a themed party, where all the guests were asked to dress in sports gear. Our daughter wore her UCLA cheer leading outfit, our son his UCLA basketball outfit, my husband his UCLA t-shirt and I wore my Chargers jersey.  It was a lot of fun seeing all the other families decked out in their favorite sports team gear.

After the party we spent a quiet evening at home.  The kids needed it after a busy day.  For today’s picture I chose one of my son walking to the playground in the daycare’s backyard. He walked away from us and all the way to the play set by himself without looking back. He is our independent, adventurous one!

I'm a Big Boy!