“Tick Tock Tick Tock” are the first 4 words of a Dr. Suess book, popular in our house.  My daughter loved having us read it to her when she was one. Since then she has moved onto books with bigger words, more story lines and just more mature for her age.  My son, now the same age she was last year at this time, has gotten into this book with gusto!  Today he walked up to me about twenty times, I am not exaggerating, yelling “tick tock tick tock”!  I would bend down and say to him, “do you want me to read that book to you?” to which he replied “yah”.  Okay, let’s go sit down and read it.

I started the day reading it with enthusiasm. I try my best to play the role of the characters in the books to make it really fun for them. The first time I read it, moments after I closed the book, he said “more!”  Seriously?  Ok, let me read it again for you.  Well, this went on ALL day long!

Thankfully there were errands, lunch with grammy and nap time that broke up the marathon reading of this book.  At one point, I asked him to take his book to daddy for a reading. Daddy got through the first four pages when our son closed the book on him, grabbed it out of his hands and walked back over to me saying “tick tock tick tock”.  Ok – I get it. You want mommy to read it to you.

I lost my muster by the end of the day and read the words without much feeling. He didn’t seem to mind. He played his part acting out the different actions in the book.  At one point I got out the other books we have to get him interested in something else.  It worked for a little while. Brown bear, brown bear seemed to be a big hit. I was even shocked when he said the following: brown bear, ba ba sheep and goldfish. He has more words these days than I realized.

Brown bear only lasted so long. He threw it down after two readings and picked up the ear books almost screaming at me “TICK TOCK TICK TOCK”.  At this point I could hear my husband laughing!  What more could I do, but read his favorite book all day until he decided it was time to stop.  The other thing I could do was photograph it and the others I tried to get him interested in.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Our Ears, Our Ears, They Hear a Clock