Another one of those boring shots capture some athletic thing that I am interested in. Today, I wanted to take a picture of my racquetball racket since I play often with some co-workers of mine.  I had taken the time to hang it back up in my locker when I thought about it and found my phone in my gym bag. Yes, I know that isn’t the best place to have it during the day!  What can I say, I try to find a way to carry it with me at all times and sometimes it makes its way into my gym bag.

I should have taken this shot on Tuesday. During that match, my racquetball partner swung with all his might to hit the ball from the back of the court to the front of the court. It would have been a glorious shot had it not hit my hand!  I have never felt such force all at once slam into my hand like that. It smarted in a way that I cannot begin to explain.  I held it for a while and worked hard to catch my breathe before we resumed our game.

Afterward, I went to one of my co-workers office to get his advice on the hand situtation. He said take ibuprofen and go home.  What did I do? I went downstairs to heat up my lunch and then went back to work. I didn’t take the medicine until much later in the day when he gave me a bad time about it.  I actually called my husband to see if I needed an x-ray.  He figured I just bruised the bone.

Later that day, my boss and I were in a meeting I was supposed to be co-leading.  I was doing my best on the laptop but having a heck of a time with typing at that point. My hand was throbbing and I was having a hard time moving my fingers. Eventually she took the laptop and said she would type since I was in pain.

My partner felt really bed and emailed me daily since that happened to check on me. I am actually fine now, I think. The swelling has gone down and the bump isn’t as big as it was. The only issue now is when I touch it. When I touch the bump I have this weird tingling pain that shoots up my pointer finger.  I’ll bug my sister-in-law about it when she gets home next week. If its persists I guess I will go to the doctor. Most likely, its a pinched nerve.

So, today’s picture is my racket in my locker after a great re-match today with that same partner. He gives me a run for my money on the court!

Raquetball Anyone?