Going with the promise I made early in this project, when it rains, I am going to do my best to get a picture of water images.  Friday, at work it rained most of the day.  Shortly before lunch, I took some pictures of the ornaments on our Christmas tree. We were having our house holiday party and I thought it would be an appropriate photo for the day. I could share the story of what a great lunch we all had together. We get along really well, not minding when we tease each other about our weird quirks. I could have also talked about how fun our white elephant gift exchange was. Even when my boss took the gift I wanted away from me, to get it taken from her in the end!

After the party, I ran across campus for a meeting. I was walking fast so I wouldn’t be soaking wet when I got to the other person’s office.  On my way there, I noticed a branch on a tree dripping with water. I thought to myself, that would be a great image for today’s rainy photo!  I sure hope it still looks the same when I get done.  About 45 minutes later I am walking back to my office when I stopped to examine the tree. It looks the same! YAH!  I took off to the house I work in (1/2 a block down the street), tore up the stairs to my office, grabbed my camera and ran back to the tree.  It was worth it. I am happy with my rainy day shot.

Rainy Day Branch