The rain keeps coming down.  Since it was a Saturday, we stayed home most of the day with the kids. We did venture out for lunch and a quick stop at the store for a shirt for my husband. We needed to get him something nice to wear for the family portrait the next day.  On our way back from the store, both kids fell asleep in the car.  Since they both went down for their naps at the same time, I took the opportunity to head to the gym followed by a manicure and pedicure for the holidays.

I grabbed my camera on the way out, hoping I could get a good shot of something in the rain. It was a hard day to photograph.  I don’t have rain gear to protect my camera.  If it rained more often I would invest in some.  When I stepped out of our condo, I looked at the bushes we can see from the second floor landing. They are tall bushes and the tops of them are even with the balcony ledge.

I position myself under the second floor ceiling as much as I could, leaning over my camera to protect it from the rain coming down. I found as many water drops as I could and shot a couple of pictures.  Satisfied, I left for the gym.  The photo below is my favorite of the ones I got.