And the rain keeps falling. Yesterday was a very busy day with the kids and our family.  We ran some errands in the early part of the day. After we were done with those, we had lunch with the kids then headed over to my mom’s house. Since we were close to her house and needed to be there for my cousins birthday party and our families holiday party we decided to head over early. This gave the kids a chance to nap there.  They were worn out from their morning activities and getting a little restless from being stuck indoors due to all this rain.

In the later afternoon the rest of the family arrived for the festivities. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone and spending an early Christmas together. Before everyone arrived, I took some photos of my mom’s plants with rain drops on them. I had to open her back door and lean out as far as I could without getting me or the camera wet to get this shot.

More Rain Drops