Today is the last day of the storm that hit our area, according to the weather man that is.  I managed to get soaked a couple of times today. In the morning, I took a break from work to join my son’s primary teacher in the bunny room at his daycare for his last parent teacher conference for that room.  It was also his exit meeting since he is transition into the dolphin room with the older kids. He will officially land in the next room the week after we get back from break. But, he has been spending most of his days there already since he is adjusting so well.

Since he entered the bunny room at a younger age than most (4.5 months), she made a special photo presentation for us. She showed us our son from the time he started in the room, only laying on his back and playing with his feet, to the present day.  The present day was filled with pictures of him running and playing with the other kids. It was really special to see the transformations over the months.

After that conference, we had an intake conference with the lead teacher in his new room. We were told his primary will be the same our daughter had while she was in that room. We are very happy about that, she is a great caregiver!

When we were done, I took an early lunch hour and headed to the gym.  There was what seemed to be a break in the rain, which I thought was perfect timing. No sooner had I thought that and it started to downright pour again. When I got to the gym, I stepped out of my car, into a huge puddle.  I ran as fast as I could to get inside, but managed to get soaked in the process. I ended up running on the treadmill with very wet socks and shoes.

Then it was back to work for me. After work, I walked our dog since she had been cooped up all day.  The poor thing hates going out when its raining. But, the rain wouldn’t let up and she needed to go out.  Out we went for all of five minutes, both of us returning to the house soaked!  I sat with her in our bedroom, drying her off with a towel when I decided to take the picture below.  I had been staring out of our window, thinking about how much rain we have had lately and how we have been stuck inside so much, longing for a break in the rain for a few days as we get ready to celebrate the holidays.