Our family is known for traditions. Growing up we would travel to our grandparents house for Christmas Eve. Our entire family would come over for dinner, most of us spending the night waiting for Santa to arrive with his gifts. For dinner we would have a fondue dinner with steak and wonderful side dishes.  After dinner we would spend time together, often over a card game with my grandmother.  My grandfather would let each grandchild, as well as his children, open a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. We would then wear this pajamas to bed while Santa made his rounds from home to home.

After they passed away a few years ago, we started celebrating Christmas Eve at my mom’s house. Both my sister and I would travel to her house with our spouses, children and pets. We would then celebrate with her sharing the same fondue dinner.  After dinner, we have kept the pajama tradition alive. Now our children open a pair to sleep in.

This year, my mom served dinner on her nice Christmas china, which was the photo I chose for today’s shot.

Christmas China