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On Christmas morning, we are able to enjoy a quiet breakfast together before tearing into the gifts. I say tearing, because the kids are getting to that age where they open their presents with gusto.  They are also still young enough that they do not race to their stockings and presents. I anticipate being the last year that happens. My daughter is getting old enough to understand Santa.

After breakfast we opened gifts, letting the kids go first.  My daughter is now old enough to understand what it means to receive a gift and how much fun it is to open them.  She oohed and aahed with delight as she opened each gift. My son took one look at his fire engine toy that you can sit on and played with it leaving all his other gifts for us to open.

After presents were opened we spend time together relaxing and playing with our new toys.  Then we have lunch together and its time to head home for Christmas with my in-laws. My mom joins us for this dinner and spends the night after. My sister in law flies into town on Christmas morning and the kids love seeing her.

When we arrived for dinner there were more presents to be opened. My daughter went gaga over a princess umbrella her Aunt Tiffy gave her.

It's a Baby Umbrella!