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Ah, the day after Christmas. It is time to relax and unwind.  We spend the morning trying to clean the house that looked like a toy store threw up all over. We also put away all the decorations so that we could put our living room back together. Since, we have a lot planned for the rest of our break from work, we wanted to get the house in order so we could enjoy our plans and time off.  After the cleaned about half the house, we took the kids to lunch.

They must have been tired from all the holiday activities; their afternoon nap was three hours long!  Half-way through, I joined them for a small one of my own.

My son woke first and joined us in our bedroom. I gave him a snack of cheerios which prompted our dog to join him on our bed. The photo I took is my son looking worried our dog would end up with his cheerios.

What's Molly Doing?