This year for Christmas, my husband and I decided not to exchange gifts.  We decided to go out of town, without the children, for two nights as our present to each other.  It just so happened that his sister was planning on coming home for a visit around the time we wanted to leave, which worked out perfectly. We were able to spend Christmas with her and she was able to spend two days with the kids before going home.  Plus, we felt more comfortable with three adults keeping an eye on them.

We decided for this trip to head to Solvang.  We headed out later in the morning on Monday, arriving around 3 in the afternoon.  After checking into the botique inn we decided to stay at, we headed to the center of town.  We walked around and visited some of the shops. We also stopped in some of the winery tasting rooms and did some tastings. During one of the tastings, we visited with another couple that was there without their children. They were a very nice couple.

On our walk back to our hotel, we walked through the park and found this lovely tree with little berries on it. The tree was just in front of the gazebo with the Christmas lights still on. I decided that was the shot I wanted to get for this day in my project.

Lighted Berries