The next morning, we went for a run before exploring more of the region we were visiting. I packed for what I hoped would be an indoor run on a treadmill. Unfortunately, one did not exist at the inn we were staying out.  So, we headed out, together, for a run in shorts and a tank top.  It was colder than I am used to and half way through I was starting to lose the feeling in my hands and arms. I didn’t really lose the feeling, they were just so cold it felt that way!  Let’s put it this way, when we got back, I jumped into the shower.  I turned the water on cold and it felt really hot on my skin, that’s how cold I got!  But, it was such a great run. I love running in beautiful areas like that.

After our run, we ate breakfast and then headed out to see the rest of the area. We made the drive over to Los Olivos, which is a cute little town. While there we visited a few wineries that were recommended to us. Then, we headed back into downtown Los Olivos to visit a winery that had a tasting room. This winery is located in Lompoc and sells locally in our area, so we wanted to give them a try. The gentleman pouring for us was really nice. Him and his wife are both from the same city we currently live in, and moved to get away and start a family. She is due in 3 months with their first child.

After enjoying his company, we grabbed some lunch and then headed over to Santa Ynez. There was this great winery there that we wanted to visit. The landscape was just gorgeous. I would love to go back to that one again some time. Upon leaving that winery, we headed back into Solvang. I wanted to check out some of the quilting shops before we had dinner.

For dinner, we chose to eat at a local danish restaurant to enjoy the local flair.  It was really yummy.  After dinner, settled in for an early nights. It sure was nice getting two nights of sleep uninterrupted.

This days photo was at one of the wineries we visited. The vines are dormant with some leaves still on them.

Dormant Vines