Today we headed home from a mini vacation with plans to visit this region again soon. We also want to visit a region just south of where we stayed with the kids. I am already planning a weekend get-a-way with my mom in tow. She would love visiting this region with the kids. She also loves photography and would enjoy a day out shooting with me.

When we woke, the rain was coming down pretty hard. We ditched our morning run. It was bad enough being really cool yesterday. The last thing I wanted was to feel freezing and wet!  We ate an early breakfast and decided to head to Santa Barbara for the later part of the morning and lunch.

After lunch we made the trek the rest of the way home. After we arrived home, we picked up the kids from their grandparents house. They were really excited to see us. Our daughter hugged us both at the same time while saying “Mommy and Daddy” over and over again. It was very touching.

We took them home and played with them for a while before my friend Nadine came for a visit. She brought all of us some yummy In-N-Out for dinner. We enjoyed a fun evening with the kids.  Actually, a few minutes after she left, they both crashed hard.  Which is good because tomorrow is a big day for them; they’ll need all their energy.

This picture is from a lookout point coming down from the mountains of Solvang.  The rain had stopped and the clouds were rolling back out toward the coast.

Foggy Morning