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The kids had a play date in the afternoon, so we started the day with some running (one at a time while the other was home with the kids), errands and lunch. When 3 p.m. finally arrived, my daughter had a hard time waiting she was so excited, we took off to Kids Space to meet their friends. It was a fun day for the kids.  They ran around for 2 hours playing on everything they could find.

My favorite moment was watching them on the slide together. The three girls took turns going down the slide. The first one to go would sit at the end of the slide and wait for the next one to come down, wrapping her legs around the first. Then the third would go down wrapping her legs around the second. They all took turns going first, second and third. It was priceless. In the meantime, my son was running around on his own too busy to be bothered with such girly games.  He did well playing with all three girls though.

After the museum closed we went to one of the girls house for dinner.  The kids loved playing in her room together. They even let Tyler join them.  After a while, he joined us to watch the football game. I guess he got tired of the girls putting him in the closet. Poor guy.  Soon enough he will be bigger than them and able to fight back.

The picture I chose for today was my daughter sitting on the bottom of the slide, waiting for the other two to come rushing down and wrap their legs around her.

I'm Waiting...