New Years Eve was a quiet day followed by a dinner with a small group of friends.  Early in the day my husband went to a local basketball game, so I took the kids out to lunch with my mom. We did a little shopping after lunch before heading back to her house for some quiet time with the kids.  After their naps I brought them back home to get ready for the dinner party we were going to.

We had dinner at a friends house with another couple and their daughter. All the kids played together while the adults spent time catching up.  I was in and out of the adult room and the kid room since my son is still attached to being with mommy. But he is getting better at running off and playing with other kids when they are around.

We had a casual dinner made by our friend followed by dessert. I actually missed dessert.  My son was getting tired and wanted to sit on my lap in the basement while the other kids watched a movie. Apparently I fell asleep with him.  My husband woke me up a short time later, letting me know it was time to go home.  Promptly after arriving home, both kids went to bed with me shortly following them.  We all fell into a nice deep sleep and slept in later than normal.

I decided not to take my camera with me so that I could enjoy myself at the party. I am always behind the camera making it hard for friends to spend time with me.  I did not want to miss a photo for my project though, so I took one with my iPhone.

Dinner Drinks